The Dempster Trust

We are a registered charity set up in 1908 originally to help the local sick and infirm. Clearly things have changed since then but we continue to deliver on our original principles giving one off grants for a range of different reasons to those living in and around Farnham. We are managed by a board of trustees who review applications and are able to act promptly to provide help. We encourage applications from anyone who feels that they may have a need and satisfies our criteria. A professional to support the applicant and vouch for them and their situation must countersign all applications.

The Jack Mayhew Education Grant

Jack Mayhew was a long standing Trustee of The Dempster Trust and on his death the Trustees decided to set up a special grant within The Dempster Trust, supported by the Mayhew Family, to help young people in education. Something that Jack would have supported.

We have decided to offer an education grant to any student that lives in Farnham or it’s surround who may be in need of books, computers or other significant costs, to start their studies at University and with their parents, are finding it difficult to find funds for these. We rarely give cash but would purchase goods on behalf of the student where we are satisfied there is a real need. We would hope that the College or organisation would identify the students and be able to confirm the need.

Once students are identified then we would require an application form to support and describe their needs and why they feel they should receive a grant. The sponsoring Education establishment will then support their application and The Trustees will decide on the suitable recipients who will be awarded the grant.

Please contact Jon Curtis on 01252 710673 or by e-mail at for more information.